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Launched as the Expatriate Indian Women’s Club, the Association was launched on September 20, 1997, coincidentally India’s 50th year of independence. 

This newly formed social non-profit organization’s mission was to provide a “home away from home.” In addition, it was earmarked as a support network and a link to our rich culture, through the promotion and import of exclusively Indian events such as plays, music, art, fashion, and dance performances. And so it began…

The Indian Women's Association was founded in 1998 as a social and cultural club to provide the group of women arriving in Singapore a connect. 

IWA's activities centered around celebrating the festivals of India, bringing in artisans and luminaries of Indian culture and sports as well as being a place where Indian women could meet other like-minded women through activities and social gatherings. Originally launched as an expats group, it was then called Expat Indian Women's Association (EIWA) under the patronage of the High Commission of India. The charter was subsequently changed to include all Indian women residing in Singapore, and the name was changed to Indian Women's Association Singapore, to reflect this. 

Membership was opened to women of Indian origin and women married to Indian men as well. Today, it has opened its membership to all women who are interested in its programs and clubs through the new Associate Membership.

Past Presidents

2021    Selme Singh

2020            Anuradha Shroff

2019            Anuradha Shroff

2018            Garima Lalwani/Chandan Lehal

2017            Garima Lalwani

2016            Sukanya Pushkarna

2015            Sukanya Pushkarna

2014            Piu Lahiri

2013            Piu Lahiri

2012            Subina Khaneja

2011            Subina Khaneja

2010            Shalini Sinha

2009            Shalini Sinha

2008            Shalini Sinha

2007            Binifer Kaushal

2006            Vanitha Narasimhan

2005            Nandini Gupta/ Vanitha Narasimhan

2004            Pinky Pant

2003            Radhika Kothari

2002            Bina Batlivala

2001            Lata Iyer 

2000            Lubna Jumabhouy

1999            Lata Iyer 

1998            Julie Mehta 

1997            Julie Mehta

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