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IWA provides the following platforms for advertisers: 

weekly e-Newsletter
Facebook Page 
* website 
* advertising opportunities during the IWA Bazaars 

Our Readership: 

The IWA e-Newsletter is emailed to subscribers every week (except for the months of June and December) and reaches approximately 2,000 plus Indian families residing in Singapore. This includes newsletter subscriptions, Facebook readers and website readers.

IWA Facebook reaches approximately 10,000 fans, countless visitors and friends of fans.

The number of IWA members increases every day. For the current count, please contact IWA Media Sales at adsales@iwasingapore.orgIWA membership also extends to the IWA member’s spouse and children.

Advertiser Categories

The advertising rates at IWA are based on three categories of advertisers*: Members, Non-Members and Corporates.

  • Member rates are applicable to sole proprietorships and private limited companies run by IWA members.
  • Non-Member rates are applicable to sole proprietorships and private limited enterprises run by non-members.
  • Corporates rates are applicable to public limited companies and large private limited enterprises having 500 employees or more.

* Advertisements cannot be booked on behalf of friends or relatives. The person who owns or runs the business needs to submit the booking.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can advertise at 20% discounted rates if the charity falls in line with IWA’s policies and preferences. The decision lies solely with IWA. Please email to receive a one time discount code to avail your discount.

Advertisement Rates: IWA e-Newsletter

Artwork Specification:

Artwork should be in .jpeg or .png or .gif format with an aspect ratio of 3:4 (width to height). Our preferred size is 600px width by 800px height. Your artwork will be resized to 550 pxwidth (or 250px depending on the newsletter format we use) while embedding in the e-Newsletter and is completely at our discretion.

The responsibility of clarity and readability of the artwork lies solely on the advertiser. To aid the legibility, we advise larger texts with all important details bold and highlighted. Make sure they are readable in 250px width.

No additional text or links can be accommodated hence you are advised to include them as text inside your artwork.

If there is more than one advertisement in that week's e-Newsletter, then, the advertisements in the bottom advertisements section of e-Newsletter are placed in the order of ads belonging to larger packages, then come the single ads in order of their payment dates. Advertisement placement and formatting is solely at the discretion of IWA. We do not send a draft for advertiser’s approval.

Advertisement Rates: Facebook

Advertisement Rates: IWA Website

Artwork Specification:

To advertise on the IWA Homepage top banner, artwork should be in picture (.jpeg, .png or .gif) format. Size should be 900px X 150px for bottom banner.

You can furnish your website link  that can be embedded so that upon clicking the banner the visitor is led to your own website .

No additional text can be included besides the banner

Please contact

Advertisement Rates: IWA Bazaars

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