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About IWA

The Indian Women's Association (IWA) of Singapore is a non-profit organization which functions as a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) through its elected committee and volunteer member base.

IWA comprises of a large exclusive member body representative of both the expatriate as well as local Indian Community. IWA is managed by a volunteer executive committee elected annually.

IWA endeavours to bring the Indian community together by giving them a platform to connect, support, and network with each other whilst living Singapore. Through IWA our members participate in social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities. IWA’s mission is not only to present a cultural platform, but also to provide a networking interface to its working members.

MEMBERSHIP is open to all women of Indian origin or married to men of Indian origin residing in Singapore. Recently, an Associate Membership was launched where women residing in Singapore can join as a members too.


To CONNECT with the community at large in Singapore through I CARE volunteer programs and launch a program of LET'S CELEBRATE by identifying talent/s of Indian women in Singapore and providing a platform to showcase their talent and use these common interests to draw women from different walks of life together.


  • To provide assistance and support wherever possible in settling in Singapore by creating new initiatives to reach out to newcomers of Indian origin
  • To encourage and foster friendship and understanding within the large growing community of Indians in Singapore
  • To assist in orientation and adaptation of new citizens to the Singaporean society and to bring about better cross-cultural understanding
  • To inculcate communication within the community and with other organizations
  • To facilitate a platform for empowering women, by motivating them through education, informational workshops, events and activities that promote women’s well being, talents and enterprise
  • To nurture and develop the spirit of volunteering and community service to make a positive and long-term impact in the community
  • To create a sustainable, active network for effective social integration efforts across Singapore

Reach us at:  Indian Women's Association, P.O. Box no. 472 Orchard Post Office, Singapore 912316

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