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IWA Membership Privilege Partnership Charter

IWA allows commercial establishments to offer membership privileges to IWA members and enjoy the publicity benefits in return. IWA Membership Privilege team evaluates and approves such arrangements on a case-to-case basis depending on the suitability and need of the privilege to IWA Members.

Who is eligible to become an IWA Membership Privilege Partner:

  • You should be a registered company in Singapore operating in Singapore
  • Your business and product/service privilege being offered should be screened and approved by our Membership Privilege team
  • You should not be a company selling alcohol or tobacco products, weight reduction or slimming products, cosmetic surgeries or similar services.
  • You should not have any legal proceedings or filed for bankruptcy.
  • Your products should not be sourced from vendors employing child labor or unfair employment practices.
  • You should not be related to any anti-women, anti-Singapore or anti-India movement/cause ,
  • You should not be a religious organization or promoting a certain faith. Your privilege should not be related to any religious and faith related product or service or event.

Terms of IWA Membership Privilege Partnership:

  • The privilege should be instantly redeemable without having to wait for longer than a week.
  • It should be guaranteed available during the tenure of the privilege. The partner will not withdraw the product or service or the privilege during the tenure contracted without IWA’s approval
  • The privilege should be in the form of a dollar discount, % discount or discounted packages. It can also be in the form of free trial sessions but it should be something more than what is offered to usual clients. e.g. if you always give one free trial session to all referred friends, IWA members should get two.
  • Free entry to your already planned event or course is not a privilege as per IWA. But if you organize one for IWA alone with course content tailored to IWA members’ needs, we can accept that as a privilege upon approval of our executive committee.
  • The privilege should be valid for at least 6 consecutive months. Suggested periods are March to August or September to February
  • The privilege should be extended only to current IWA members and accompanying family members after producing the membership welcome letter with embedded e-membership card. This is an example of the IWA membership e-card which is sent to members.
  • IWA does not guarantee the number of redemptions as they solely depend on your brand, product/service and members’ requirements. It is understood by both parties that this is a publicity exercise and may or may not bring actual traffic to your doorsteps. It will surely add to your brand recognition and have a long term impact. You can choose a package below and validate its effectiveness to your organization.
  • We will not organize events on your behalf or send any direct mailer to member communication for your events. Events that are organised will be solely under IWA Events only. For Company specific Events you can place advertisements via
  • We could include a flyer of your organization/event/product/service in our goodie bags given out at IWA Bazaars (April/May/or September), Members’ Welcome Lunch (as announced) or Annual General Meeting (Feb/March). Your privilege should be valid during that period and you should inform us one month before. The marketing material you wish to include should be sent to us by email for approval and upon approval the printed material should reach us 2 weeks ahead of time upon payment of the specified charges.
  • All membership privileges will be presented to the IWA Executive Committee on the 1stof every month and decision to include the privilege be taken.

The privilege partner will have to sign a privilege partnership contract drafted by IWA and be bound to it till the privilege end date.

Membership Privilege Packages : Rates

To become a membership privilege partner and avail the publicity benefit, the membership privilege partner needs to take up a membership privilege package. The publicity rates are heavily discounted in lieu of the benefits our members would enjoy. Yet we levy a fee for the media effort IWA needs to put in to publicize your privilege which in turn adds to your brand recall.

Terms & Information:

Our Readership

  • IWA Facebook reaches approximately 10,000+ fans, countless visitors and friends of fans virally.
  • IWA Electronic Direct Mailer via weekly Newsletter reaches approximately 2,000 readers.
  • Number of IWA paid members, newsletter subscribers & Facebook fans increases every day. For the current count, please contact IWA Membership Privilege chair at
  • IWA membership also extends to the Member’s spouse and children. 
  • Profile of our members tends to be women who are Indian by race and are Singapore Citizens, PR or expats residing in Singapore. Average age of our members tends to be 40yrs, age group ranging from 30 to 60+. We have about 60% women who are employed at job or are self-employed. Most of them tend to be highly educated and are financially secure. Most of them are married with 1 or 2 kids of their own.

Rate Categories

  • Member rates are applicable to sole proprietorships and private limited companies run by IWA members.
  • Non Member rates are applicable to sole proprietorships and private limited enterprises run by non-members.
  • Corporates rates are applicable to public limited companies and large private limited enterprises having500 employees or more.


  • IWA e-Newsletter goes out to all newsletter subscribers including IWA members every week except during the month of June and December.
  • Placement of the privilege announcements in e-Newsletter is IWA’s discretion. We usually tend to place such announcements at the bottom of our IWA’s announcement above the advertisements section.

Terms of IWA-Membership Privilege Partner Joint Event **

  • The event has to be a non-marketing informative talk at the venue of the partner
  • Hosting of such an event with be at the discretion of IWA Membership Privilege committee.
  • Topic and contents of the talk need to be approved by IWA Membership Privilege committee
  • Registration to this event would be voluntary by IWA Members. IWA does not guarantee the number of participants
  • The privilege partner can get publicity via the event being announced on all our media platforms
  • The event publicity artwork will be created by the Privilege partner and will contain logos of both parties including IWA. The event will be called as IWA XYZ Joint Event where XYZ is the Privilege partner
  • Registrations to this event will be managed by IWA. A list of names of registered attendees will be handed to the privilege partner 2 days prior to the event. IWA will not hand over any contact information.
  •  Contact information of the attendees can be collated by the privilege partner at the event venue with proper intimation to them about how it will be used with the attendee’s prior approval taken by the privilege partner
  • The event will be IWA exclusive event. The privilege partner cannot publicize the event to any external forum and invite non-IWA entities to join
  • Photographs taken at the venue will be a joint property of IWA & Privilege Partner & hence watermarked by both organizations names wherever circulated.

Artwork Specifications

E-Newsletter Announcement

  • The privilege partner may give a small flyer to be included along with the privilege announcement. The banner should clearly highlight the privilege and should not contain other corporate promotion or product information. It can speak about the organization and its overall spread of services/products shortly. The artwork will be included subject to approval from media and privileges teams of IWA.
  • Artwork should be in .jpeg or .png or .gif format with an aspect ratio of 3:4 (width to height). Our preferred size is 600px width by 800px height. Your artwork will be resized to a smaller size depending on the newsletter format we use) while embedding in the e-newsletter and website and is completely to our discretion.
  • The responsibility of clarity and readability of the artwork lies solely on the advertiser. To aid the legibility, we advise larger texts with all important details bold and highlighted. Make sure they are readable in 250px width.
  • No additional text or links can be accommodated hence you are advised to include them as text inside your artwork.
  • Please subscribe to our newsletter at so you get a copy of the e-newsletter after it is sent. 

Bookings & Payments

  • For booking a publicity package, please email
  • All payments to be made in advance online upon receipt of email invoice from IWA. Publicity placement will happen subject to realization of payment. Deadline for payment is 2 weeks prior to the first publicity date

For any further information or queries, please email

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