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Event 1: Celebrating Valentine’s Day through Art and Craft

Date: 14-02-2014

Time: 2:30 pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Student Waterfall Care Centre near Redhill MRT

Number of Children: 20

Number of IWA Volunteers: 11

Names of Volunteers: Ms. Abha Berlorkar, Ms Aditi Gupta  Ms Anjali Tripathi, Ms Bhanu Ramachandran, Ms.Bhavani Banerjee, Ms. Madhu Suri, Ms. Sukeshi Pandit, Ms Mehak Krishnamani, Ms. Kavita Daga, Ms Piu Lahiri, Ms. Mohini Kumar,

Event Details:

The IWA team was given a short briefing by Ms. Raja, the contact person in charge at the Centre. She requested us to begin with art and craft activities like card making as the children enjoyed it most. Since this was our first real interaction with the children. Each member of the IWA team was allotted two children to conduct the activity with.   The material for making the cards was distributed to the children. The children made the cards independently exercising their imaginations and expressing their emotions. Some of them expressed love and regards for their parents, while others for their teacher who proved to be their guide and mentor. Another activity the children were engaged in was a story based game.  The children had to build on a story using the items in the story bag. This again enabled the children to exercise their creativity and speed.

Event 2: Understanding the Importance of Going Green through Art and Craft

Date: 29- 04-2014

Time: 2:30 pm to 5:00pm

Venue:  Waterfall Student Care Centre near Redhill MRT

Number of Children:  15

Number of IWA Volunteers: 9

Names of Volunteers:  Ms. Prerna  Rajpa( Resource Person), Ms. Mehak Krishnamani, Ms Anjali Tripathi, Ms Bhanu Ramachandran, Ms. Bhavani Banerjee, Ms Sukeshi Pandit, Ms. Sonal Bengani, Ms. Ritu Kapoor. Ms Shobhna Tripathi.

Event Details: The event aimed at explaining to the children the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle through a Go Green workshop. The children were taught to make child friendly articles like pencil boxes, pencil holders, pen stands, plant holders and toy baskets. Materials used were inners of tissue rolls, tissue boxes, milk cans and milk cartons. The children were taught to grow their own mini plants using the inners of plastic bottles and the carried their souvenirs home.

Event 3: Fun with Science Workshop

Date: 22-07-2014

Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Waterfall Student Care Centre, Near Redhill MRT.

Number of Children: 15

Number of Volunteers: 12

Names of Volunteers: Ms. Aditi Sayal,(Resource Person) Ms. Mehak Krishnamani, Ms Anjali Tripathi, Ms. Bhavani Banerjee, Ms.  Bhanu Ramachandran, Ms Chaitali Surana, MsPrerna Rajpal, Ms Reena, Ms. Sarla Vasudevan, Ms. Sonal,  Ms. Sudeepta Das, Ms. Sukanya Pushkarna, Ms. Sumana.

Event Details:

The event aims at helping children learn creatively through simple and easy Science experiments like how to stab a potato, how to discover the secret code through invisible ink and how to blow a balloon magically. The event also included fun art activities like spray painting, finger painting and leaf and balloon printing. The children were engaged creatively and enjoyed the experiments like blowing the magic balloon by filling the bottle with yeast and warm water. Also discovering the secret code by writing on a paper by dipping the cotton bud in lemon juice was greatly enjoyed by the children. Thus Science was made simple and easy in different ways.

Event 4: Understanding Health and Safety: Be Healthy and Safe

Date: 29-08-2014

Time: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Venue: Waterfall Student Care Centre, Near Redhill MRT

Number of Children: 10

Number of Volunteers: 11

Names of Volunteers: Dr. Anu Ranjan and  Ms Shweta,( Resource Persons) Ms. Mehak Krishnamani, Ms. Anjali Tripathi, Ms Shobhna Tripathi, Ms Bhavani Banarjee, Ms. Bhanu Ramachandran, Surna, MsSudeepta i Dasgupta, Ms. Sukeshi Pandit, Ms Nirupa Vasudevan.

Event Details: The event involves enabling children to be clean, healthy and safe through innovative learning teaching methodology like role plays, games, storytelling and pictography. The children were divided in groups and ask them to enact situations where they perceived danger and then help them reach a solution through a discussion and also play games and art and craft. The major topics covered were illnesses like Dengue, flu and Viral, bacterial infections, dental care and eye care. In the safety part road safety and fire safety were covered. The children were divided into two groups indicating the Do’s and Don’ts for each of these situations. This was mainly achieved by children participating in role plays, being shown pictorial demonstrations and storytelling. The children enjoyed the session a lot and the pictographic demonstrations like charts and posters and role plays enforced the concept of learning by doing

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