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Adda Club

Club Chair: Sukanya Pushkarna

Lets explore an IDEA!

Adda commenced in 2013 and ever since has convened many times discussing topics of utmost importance to women. Over the years this forum has evolved to be a sisterhood whereby thoughts are exchanged with confidence and feeling of comfort has been established. Adda helps us to respect perspectives and nurtures open -mindedness.

The Adda Club has had a successful past year.  Members have participated enthusiastically in good numbers researching and presenting their viewpoints where we got to discuss some very interesting topics on Equality, Media influence, Biases, Fad Diets, etc.,

In future ADDA will continue to discuss topics that affect women, the key areas to enhance themselves, clues to integration in Singapore and challenges to personal health

Think about it:

‘Not all storms come to disrupt your life 

Some come to clear your path'

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